Some Simple Ways to Get out of Debt

Here are a few simple solutions to start getting out of debt. Remember, these aren’t suggestions or temporary fixes, they should be new habits that you form and a new mentality that you embrace:

1. Stop Spending on Credit

This one may seem obvious, but people tend to understand the principle but not follow it. Don’t spend anything on credit – only cash and debit. Once you start doing this, it’ll start to feel a little bit more real whenever you start spending money. And once that starts happening, you will see yourself slowly but surely cutting out unnecessary expenses. Do not finance any big purchases and force yourself to wait until you have money in the bank before buying anything. If you start thinking in this mentality, you will naturally spend less than you used to, and start building up some savings.

2. Pay Off as Much of your Debt as You can every Single Month

Every month you don’t pay off your debt, you are further in the hole. Why? Because your interest payment goes up and your credit score goes down. It is a never ending cycle, especially if you pay of your debt by going into more debt. People who make it a habit to pay off their bills every single month in full end up paying almost no interest and up with higher credit scores. These higher scores translate to better interest rates, which means less money paid to credit and finance companies.

A simple tip to reduce interest fees and salvage your credit: If you have lots of different companies you owe money to, pay the minimum balance on each one first. If you have money left over, pay off the smallest bills first, then progressively higher, until you’ve paid them all off.

3. Set a Budget Where you ALWAYS Spend Less Than You Earn

Time to get to basics. If you really sit down and think about necessities, you will realize people can live well on very little money. A roof over your head, a vehicle that gets from point A to point B, and three meals a day. Even if you are the head of a family, all that translates to is extra food. People love to spend when they are out and worry later, but if you look in any house, there are countless items that a person doesn’t use and doesn’t need. Once you sit down and calculate your needs and cut out all the excess, you will find yourself amazed at the monthly allowance needed to live just fine. This will leave you with more money which you can use to pay off debt. You could even start to think about how to save more money.

If you take these three simple rules to heart and don’t stray, you will find yourself with more money in the bank than you’ve ever had (as well as debt free), as well as a new sense of tranquility because you don’t have any urge to spend it. This kind of tranquility and freedom is something that can’t be purchased.

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