How to Become a Ticket Broker and Make Money From Home

One of the simplest ways to make money from home that is constantly overlooked is ticket brokering. I’m sure we have all been in a situation where we wanted to go to a concert or sports event, not gotten tickets before they sold out, and resorted to guying onto Ebay to purchase tickets at a higher price. It is always annoying to have to pay more for these tickets, but if you really want to go, what other choice do you have?

People have realized there is a lot of money to be made from this business, and some people have even made their entire careers off of this. They are professional ticket scalpers, and if you go onto Ebay and just type “tickets,” you will see that they are making a killing. Most tickets go for at least 25% more than their listing price, and good tickets will go for even two or three times as much. There are very few business models that have that kind of a return IMMEDIATELY and also have no overhead costs. So how can you just into this business?

As someone who has been doing this for several years, I can give you some simple advice:

  • Start small and purchase only a couple of tickets for an event you wouldn’t mind going to anyway. Try a concert or sports event in your town. Purchase the tickets and try to sell them on Ebay; if they don’t sell, you go to the event with a friend. This will help you become familiar with the buying and selling process (the two big players here are Ticketmaster and Ebay).
  • List your tickets at their original price on Ebay, list them for a total of three days, and list them the day they went on sale. That is the best time and price to sell your tickets for the highest return, as well as the least risk that they don’t sell.
  • Start building an email list of all people who you have ever sold tickets to. They now realize you’re good and they trust you because they have worked with you before, and you can announce all your upcoming tickets sales by email! If you want to make serious money, you need to treat this like a business, and an ongoing mailing list is an easy way to get your business snowballing.

These simple tips will get you started on what could become a very lucrative and fun career that you run from home. Good luck!

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