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An Ideal Dog House. A dog house is a home for a dog with a peaked roof and a supported door way at the end. It is any form of dog shelter. The commonly used name for it is kennel. They can either be permanent or portable. Classification is done according to the materials used to make them. Some dog houses are made using wood. Wood is the most commonly used material in the construction of these houses. Wood is relatively inexpensive and easy to maintain. They are also preferred because they do keep the dog cooler during summer and warmer during the winter season. As a result of them not rotting Cedar and Redwood are the best to use in dog houses. Wooden dog houses are grouped based on models. The pitched roof dog house. It is made by putting two angled panels together at the centre of the house. It looks like a minute human home. There is the studio ceiling. This is a dog house that has a sun deck on the upper part. It creates the illusion of children play house. Conclusively, the single panel flat roof dog house. The roof bends from the front to the back. Second, there are the metal dog houses. This is simply dog houses made out of metal. The major types of metal used are stainless steel and aluminium. Metal dog houses are mainly constructed for hunting dogs. They are usually rectangular.
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Third, there are the plastic dog houses. Plastic material is used to make them. Some come ready to use. Some need to be put together like camping tents.They are quite expensive.
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conclusively, there are dog houses made out of barrels. They are created from old wine barrels or old metal barrelsThey are curve shaped. An the ideal dog house should not be enormous. A dog is adapted to generating its heat during the cold season. Once the kennel is too big, heat will be lost in the space, thus freezing the dog. A dogs home does not need to have insulators. Insulation stores up moisture and excess heat which is not good for the dog. In wooden houses the insulators because insulator can cause rotting. Insulation material such as plastic ends up being a health hazard as some dogs consume it when bored. The door should be too big, just the right size for ventilation purposes depending on the scale of the kennel. Contrary to what many people use, hay should not be used as bedding for a dog house. Hay can be a health hazard The old blanket should be utilized as a substitute. A real dog house requires proper maintenance. All animals including dogs should be taken care of with love. Getting an ideal home for them is included.

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