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When we think of wealth, our attention often automatically shifts towards financial wealth. Of course, this is not the only indicator of how well off we are. Another area of our life that we should focus as much, if not more attention on is our health. How much use is a massive bank balance if we are not able to enjoy spending it? So rather than talk about financial well being, I want to spend some time considering things that we can do to ensure our health balance stays in the black.

There are really just a few things that we have to think about if we become health rich. These are:

  1. Diet
  2. Exercise
  3. Rest

By diet, I am not saying that we have to go on a diet, just that we have to make the right choices about the foods and drinks that we consume. Since we were kids, we have heard of the importance of fruits and vegetables. Not liking them is no excuse. They taste great. If you have never enjoyed fruit and veg then take a look at some juicer reviews and buy yourself one of these machines. There are cheap as well as expensive juicers on sale. Everyone can find at least three juices that they love. Who doesn’t like freshly squeezed orange juice? How about a strawberry, banana and milk smoothie? There are so many options available to us. Not liking fruit is nothing but an excuse. Delicious food and great health are not mutually exclusive.

A common excuse I hear is that I don’t have time to exercise. Well, do you have time to watch TV? Do you have time to go drinking at a bar? We find time for things that are important to us. Saying that we don’t have the time is simply lying to ourselves. Exercise doesn’t have to mean, going down to the gym. We could take a brisk walk, go for a cycle, play some sports or join a pilates class. There are loads of options available to us so even if one isn’t suitable, we could try something else.

Finally, we should not underestimate our need for rest, relaxation and sleep. While we may not need more than 8 hours sleep each night, if we are regularly getting less than 6 hours of sleep then this will surely eat into our health account.

A three pronged attack of eating well, taking regular exercise and getting a good night’s sleep is the best way to ensure our physical health and keep us in the best condition to be able to look after our financial well being.

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