Saving with E-cigarettes

One of the worst things about smoking cigarettes, apart from the fact that your nicotine habit is slowly killing you, is the fact it now costs a small fortune to keep yourself stocked up with your preferred tobacco products. In fact, with a pack of cigarettes in many states now costing over $9, a pack a day smoker will find themselves shelling out well over $3000 a year to get they regular fix. That’s a lot of cash in anyone’s language so it’s no wonder more of us than ever are trying to quit in these tough economic times.

The only problem of course is that nicotine is one of the most addictive drugs on the planet and giving it up is far easier said than done. For this reason many electronic cigarette retailers are quick to point out the money saving possibilities of their untaxed products in relation to tobacco. They want us to believe that we can save fortune if we use e cigs as a replacement for whatever we happen to be smoking at the moment.

If you visit many of the web sites dedicated to the e cigarette you will see they contain a saving calculator which informs us of how much extra cash we’ll have after a year of using the device. All of them will tell you that you will get an awesome discount if you make the switch, and as a user of e cigarettes myself I wanted to investigate to see just how much extra cash I’ll have in my bank account after 12 months.

Let’s take a look at just how much of a saving you can make if you decide to switch over to this interesting new gadget:

Green Smoke e cigarettes are one of the most popular products on the market, and in my opinion also one of the best. A complete starter kit from this company will cost you $130 and contains everything you need to get underway. This seems like quit a bit of cash but it’s a one off purchase after which your costs are greatly reduced. The refills come in at $61 for 20 and I, as a former 20 a day smoker, use one each day.

So I’ve worked out that I will need approximately 365 carts a year at $3.05 each, which comes in at a total cost of $1113.25 to keep myself in nicotine.

One thing to keep in mind is that the batteries which come with your starter kit aren’t going to last you forever as they eventually lose their ability to holda charge. I reckon you will have to budget for 3 or 4 new ones each year at a cost of about $140. You’ll also want to pick up a carry case for $20 so you can carry your kit around with ease.

So let’s add all that up and see how much we can save using an e cigarette for a year:

Cost of a year’s supply of tobacco: $3285

Green Smoke Starter Kit: $130
Nicotine Cartridges: $1113.25
4 spare batteries: $140
Carry case: $20
Total cost for e cigarettes: $1403.25

Approximate savings: $1881.75

As you can see the average smoker can make a substantial savingif they are willing to use the e cig instead of tobacco. It’s not quite as much as most of the retailers would have you believe but it’s more than enough money to make it worthwhile for anyone who is trying to cut costs. Not only that, but most smokers find that their health improves when they make the switch thanks to the fact they are no longer inhaling tar and carbon monoxide. Electronic cigarettes are certainly something you will want to take a look at.

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